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Tai Chi & Qi Gong Training in September 2019
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Interested in Tai Chi or Qi Gong with the desire to learn from the best? From September to November of 2019, come enroll in our ideal combination course. Taught in both Chinese or English , people of all ages can learn a variety of skills and training. Come to beautiful YangShuo to immerse yourself in this ancient art form.

During your stay at Huang Hua Tai Chi Academy, you’ll be introduced to the principles and philosophies that make up this daily practice used throughout china. This includes meditation, calligraphy, exercise and much more. There is training both indoors and outdoors, with many opportunities to awe at the surrounding nature.

A typical week for students consists of twenty hours of intensive training, enjoying local cuisine ( included every Monday-Friday), learning the history of each practice and exploring the local scenery. When there is downtime, is the chance to try other activities in the area such as hiking, taking a bike ride by the river or mountain climbing the stunning structures. If tired after a long day, its nice to take time to relax and drink tea in the garden.

The school is located in a quaint village surrounded by lush hills. Rooms here are accommodated with air conditioning and internet access, all of which are on the property. All students who complete their course receive their certificate of training, along with an unforgettable experience.

Whether staying a week or three months, those who are interested in taichi and qigong will get the best experience there is. Learn from the master Huang himself and see what wisdom this school has to offer. As well as the beautiful city of Guilin. Come be apart of our family and we hope to see you soon.

Training courses included with one weeks stay consists of…

-Theory and philosophy of Taichi as well as its influence on daily life

-Fundamentals of the practice

-Involvement of Yin and Yang

-Steps of Qi gong exercise

-Chinese culture ( calligraphy)

-Types of Taichi (basic training and foundation) ( inner 8 peace form and its application)

(meditation both standing and walking) (taichi qigong) ( the 8 basic movements)

Training courses included with one/two /three month stay consists of the above, as well as…

-Harmony 21 form and its application

-Taichi silk reeling

-Chinese culture ( calligraphy and meditation)

-a more in depth look of all practices listed.

- YangTai chi 24 form

- Chen Tai chi 74 form

All who are interested are encouraged to come and join our family to learn about this great art form.

To make a booking, please send us an email or give us a call ahead of time to assure a saved slot.

We are happy to answer all and any questions you may have and hope to see you soon.

Yangshuo Huang Hua Tai Chi Academy 

Address : 120 Tian jia he village,Yangshuo,Guilin,Guangxi,China. Zipcode:541900

Master Huang Hua

Mobile: (+86) 135 5813 6725
We chat:18877353321

Tai Chi & Qi gong Training in September Yangshuo China



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