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Do I get to choose what I study while at the schoo
2010-05-28 22:43:36
Do you need to have any experience in Tai Chi to t
2010-05-28 22:43:49
What kind of Tai Chi does the school teach?
2010-05-28 22:44:00
What is Master Henry's relationship with the Chen
2010-05-28 22:44:08
Why do you need to come to Yangshuo for Tai Chi tr
2010-05-28 22:44:20
Why do you need to study Tai Chi?
2010-05-28 22:45:10
What's the food like in the school?
2011-05-01 15:53:32
What is the accommodation like in the school?
2011-05-01 15:53:55
What is the daily training schedule in the school?
2011-05-01 15:54:21
What can you do when you are finished classes in s
2011-05-01 15:54:46
Besides Tai Chi training, do you offer other cours
2011-05-01 15:55:11
What about payment? What kinds of payment do you a
2011-05-01 15:55:34
Do you have some videos about the living environme
2011-05-01 15:56:00
What kind of Visa should I apply?
2011-05-01 15:56:22
Do I need insurance before coming?
2011-05-01 15:56:44

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